For signing up please email us at

But before you sign up, it’s good to know:

You can visit any regular class you want on Thursdays and Fridays (and mix levels). See schedule .

You can sign up without a dancing partner.

Classes are held all year long and you can sign up anytime during the year.

Prices are per person:

1 hour (60min) = 10 €
Package of 5 hours = 45 € (price of one hour is 9€)
Package of 10 hours = 80 € (price of one hour is 8€)
Package of 15 hours = 105 € (price of one hour is 7€)
Package of 20 hours = 120 € (price of one hour is 6€)
Package of 25 hours = 125 € (price of one hour is 5€)

Packages are per person and are valid for 12 months. You can use your hours for any regular class on Thursdays and Fridays from the schedule (but not for Woman technique on Tuesdays*). Please note, that a couple can not share the same package. And pay attention that we do NOT refund money if you don’t use all your hours.

* Woman technique is held twice per month on Tuesdays (see schedule). Entrance fee at the door: 10€ (or use your hours from the package).

We wish you a lot of fun dancing! For questions email us at

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